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About PLAGIAT software

The program checks if various types of texts and sentences included in them were plagiarized, the software is easy-to-use, you just need to enter text and after several seconds the software shows how original the text is, it highlights plagiarized sentences with red colour and provides links to their placement. The software allows you to check if schoolworks, diploma thesis, narratives and articles have not, by any chance, been duplicated.
The software's demo version cuts text ending to 100 verses so it is only possible to check initial part of text, the software's full version removes the restriction.

See the instructive film.

Software's main features:

plagiat na komputer

It is a Windows supported version without any limits.
The software is run normally on any given computer with Windows system and allows users to check any amount of text.

szybki plagiat

Fast and accurate.
Unlike online version the software is thousand times faster. Online versions require up to 100 hours to present results whereas the software provides results after several seconds and displays plagiarized texts.

skuteczny plagiat

The software searches the whole Internet database for parts of sentences included in the entered text; it scans crib, summary and diploma thesis websites.

oprogramowanie plagiat

The software gives you 100% certainty that the entered texts are unavailable for third parties, it doesn't transfer data to any university. This is a feature that differentiate the PC version as even the software producer cannot access texts entered into it.